About the Film

NARCISSUS is a 2012 feature film, written and directed by Dovile Gasiunaite. In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a handsome young man, so vane, that the gods condemned him to fall in love with his own reflection. Nowadays, Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a pathological preoccupation with issues of self importance, that is closely connected to ego-centrism.

In the original screenplay by Dovile Gasiunaite, Teodore is a handsome and gifted string quartet cello player, who becomes increasingly obsessed with himself. His looks, sensitivity, and talent initially draw people in, but his lack of empathy and self-obsession hurt everyone around him. Teodore abandons his family, career, and friends in his quest for an unattainable challenge. His devastating battle is taking place in the dark place of his own psyche.


- Directed & Screenplay by Dovile Gasiunaite
- Produced by Teresa Ziboliene
- Music by Giedrius Puskunigis
- Cinematography by Audrius Kemezys
- Editing by Martina Jablonskyte, Gintas Smilga


- Amvrosios Vlachopoulos
- Asmik Grigorian
- Susanna Perry Gilmore
- Sigitas Sidlauskas
- Urte Perminaite
- Edvinas Kaziukaitis
- Augusta Jusionyte
- Renata Surkiene
- Arturas Anusauskas
- Robertas Antinis
- Audrone Kauspediene
- Albinas Motiejunas


- Best Original Feature Screenplay Award at Southampton International Film Festival, UK, 2013
- Audience Award, Kaunas International Film Festival, 2012
- Best Feature Film, Nominated, Silver Crane Awards (Lithuanian Film Academy)
- Best Music, Nominated, Silver Crane Awards (Lithuanian Film Academy)
- Best Supporting Actress, Nominated, Silver Crane Awards (Lithuanian Film Academy)